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Sprite, the caravan that made caravanning a favourite pastime among South Africans, has now been with us for fifty popular years.

To celebrate, Sprite has redesigned and re-launched the range and will proudly unveil the new Sprite Swing, Splash and Sprint at the Beeld Show, Gallagher Estate, on Friday 19 February.

As fifty years ago, so today - many first-time caravan lovers choose a Sprite in which to discover the delights of affordable vacations. The Sprite range has the perfect choice for the young family, and seasoned veterans agree that the Sprite range is arguably the best value-for-money available.

After all, Sprite models boast all the attributes that have made these caravans such a favourite. They are light and easy to tow, even easier to manoeuvre on site.

For the young at heart who look for affordable pricing but insist on style, Sprite caravans are aeons ahead. Even more so now, thanks to the celebratory restyling. All the upholstery, furnishings and fittings are new and vibrate with exciting, young colours. From the outside, the corner covers are cool and funky - Sprint with a stylish lime green, Swing in light blue, and Splash with its bright blue.